Oxnard, CA – Today, Congresswoman Julia Brownley (D – Westlake Village) is pleased to announce that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) awarded $113,700 to the City of San Buenaventura and the City of Oxnard to help homeless veterans transition into safe and affordable housing. The award will support 13 new housing vouchers that provide rental assistance for homeless veterans and will include access to supportive services.

“The number of homeless veterans in Ventura County and across America is simply unacceptable,” said Congresswoman Brownley. “We have a moral obligation take care of all the men and women who have served in uniform.  I am pleased that Ventura County veterans will continue to benefit from the HUD-VASH program, which is critical to eliminating veterans’ homelessness.”

The City of San Buenaventura received a $60,564 award supporting 7 new HUD-VASH vouchers.  The City of Oxnard received a $53,136 award supporting 6 new HUD-VASH vouchers.

“We are excited at the opportunity to add seven more VASH vouchers to our agency for a total of 102 vouchers, which will allow us to expand our efforts toward housing homeless veterans. Working in partnership with the VA and local landlords, we strive to end veteran homelessness in Ventura,” said Denise Wise, Chief Executive Officer of the Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura.

“Addressing the needs of homeless veterans is a top priority for our community,” said Arturo Casillas, Housing Director for the Oxnard Housing Authority.  “The City of Oxnard is appreciative of Congresswoman Brownley’s continued support of the VASH program. Through collaborative efforts and the additional VASH vouchers the Oxnard Housing Authority expects to receive, we are closer to our shared goal of ending veteran homelessness throughout the region.”

HUD-VASH works in reducing veteran homelessness by providing  funding for both housing from HUD and supportive services such as healthcare, employment assistance, and counseling from VA that are essential for ending homelessness for tens of thousands of veterans nationwide.   This month, HUD and VA announced nearly $38 million to help more than 5,200 homeless veterans find a permanent home.

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