Washington, DC – Today, Congresswoman Julia Brownley (D-CA) released the following statement after it was announced that she would serve as a member of the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis:

“This Committee’s work could mean the difference between a safe and healthy future for our children and grandchildren and one where our planet, our economy, and our security are under unrelenting and catastrophic threat. As a long-time champion for protecting our environment, supporting investments in clean, renewable, and sustainable energy, and preventing anti-environmental policies, I am honored to be appointed to this important Committee and will be laser-focused on addressing climate change before it is too late.

“My home state of California knows all too well the devastating economic and human toll brought by climate change, which has led to longer wildfire seasons and deadly disasters that have wreaked havoc on our local communities. As the representative of Ventura County and its 43-mile coastline and more than 300,000 acres with active agricultural production, I also know firsthand the impacts of rising sea levels on our coastal communities and the threats posed by warming temperatures and prolonged drought conditions on the sustainability of our nation’s food supply. Every year, we fight against coastal storms to maintain the integrity of our shoreline, including critical national defense assets at Naval Base Ventura County.

“I look forward to bringing to the federal level the forward-thinking policies that California has long been a leader on, from limiting harmful industrial emissions, to supporting development of clean, alternative transportation infrastructure, to promoting wind, solar, hydropower, and other renewable resources, to spurring action to conserve energy and improve energy efficiency. Working together, I believe the Select Committee has an historic opportunity to learn from California’s example and expand these and other solutions to the climate crisis nationwide.”

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