Washington, DC – Today, Congresswoman Brownley (D-CA) released the following statement calling for the President to be removed from office:

“Yesterday, the Capitol was invaded by domestic terrorists aiming to stop our democratic process. It was an act of treason, nothing less. Even worse, the President committed a clear act of sedition by encouraging this mob to use violence to reverse or slow down his removal from office. That is also an act of treason.

“While the President will be removed from office on January 20, when President Biden is inaugurated, we clearly cannot trust Donald Trump for another hour, much less 13 more days. He should be removed by invoking the 25th Amendment or by impeachment to ensure a peaceful transfer of power.

“No matter how he is removed, it goes without saying that we have a lot of work to do. Our nation and our democracy cannot endure the level of divisiveness stoked by the President and those who enabled him. We must unite, we must heal, we must move our country forward.

“There is no doubt that President Biden and Vice President Harris will work to bring our country back together, and to do the work we must do to recover from the pandemic, rebuild our economy in line with our values, fight climate change, protect immigrants, demand a more just society, and put us back on the path to the shining light on the hill, aiming always to be a more perfect union.”