WASHINGTON — Rep. Julia Brownley, D-Oak Park, is calling on the Defense Department to help veterans have an easier transition to civilian life and find employment when they finish their service.

Brownley and Rep. Paul Cook, R-Yucca Valley, filed a resolution this week asking the Pentagon to work with state governments and industry to provide transferable credentials and licenses to veterans for skills they develop while on active duty.

The resolution also says that federal and state governments should work together to help the spouses of active-duty service members transfer employment after they are relocated.

Currently, service members who had operated a truck in the military would need more training to get a commercial driver’s license when they return home. An active-duty service member’s spouse working as a nurse would have to be re-certified to practice if the couple moved to a base in another state.

“The fact that so many of our veterans are unemployed is unacceptable,” said Brownley, a member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee. “It is up to Congress to honor the sacrifice of our service members and their families by making it easier for businesses to hire veterans who acquired high-level technical and leadership skills while serving our country.”



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