Washington, D.C.—Representative Julia Brownley (D-Westlake Village) released the following statement following the shutdown of the Federal government:

“Instead of working with Democrats and Republicans to find a bipartisan budget solution, Speaker Boehner made the reckless and irresponsible choice to let the government shutdown. This is not the way to govern and certainly not the way to lead.

“What’s worse is that this did not have to happen. If Speaker Boehner had allowed the House to vote, there would have been bipartisan support for the Senate passed legislation.  Instead, Speaker Boehner allowed a small minority to lead the country over the cliff.  If this shutdown is allowed to continue, it will hurt small businesses applying for loans, hurt our veterans applying for benefits, and could send our fragile economy back into recession.

“I will continue to urge Speaker Boehner to allow the House to simply vote on a responsible plan to get the government working again for the American people, responsibly reduce the deficit, and create economic prosperity and jobs for middle class families in Ventura County.”

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