Washington, D.C— Today, Representative Julia Brownley (D-Westlake Village) proposed an amendment to the 2013 Farm Bill that supports firefighters battling wildfires, helps rural communities obtain safe drinking water, and promotes economic growth in rural America.

“With the flames from the Springs Fire fresh in my mind, I know the importance of supporting our firefighters and communities through times of crisis,” said Congresswoman Julia Brownley. “As Ventura County and others across the country face future disasters, we need to ensure firefighters have the support they need to protect our homes, neighborhoods, schools and businesses.  Additionally, it is critically important that we ensure rural communities have access to safe and reliable water supplies and assist rural small businesses working to create local jobs.”

Brownley’s amendment to the 2013 Farm Bill authorizes critical funding for wildfire suppression and firefighting personnel, and ensures firefighters have the most modern equipment available to fight wildfires, including communications equipment, new aerial tankers, and other firefighting aircraft.

Brownley’s amendment also supports three critical rural development programs:

  • Water, Waste Disposal, and Wastewater Facility Grants, which fund water and waste disposal systems in rural areas and small towns;
  • Emergency and Imminent Community Water Assistance Grants, which assist rural communities that experienced a disaster, like an earthquake or tornado, significant decline in quantity or quality of drinking water to obtain adequate quantities of restore safe drinking water supplies, and
  • Rural Business Opportunity Grants, which promote sustainable economic development and job development in rural communities.

To see Congresswoman Brownley speak on her amendment, click here: LINK.

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